Buy Fresh & Frozen Chicken Drumsticks Online

Frozen Chicken Drumsticks For Sale

Frozen Chicken Drumsticks For Sale


We are one of the major suppliers of suppliers of Grade A Frozen Chicken parts which include Chicken DrumsticksChicken feetChicken paws , Whole chicken , Boneless Whole Chicken Griller (Shawarma), Chicken wings , Chicken Leg quarter , Chicken breast , Approved SIF plants from SADIA BRF , SEARA JBS to China, UAE , Hong Kong ,Egypt and other Countries….

   Storage at: minus 18 degrees Celsius

Buy Fresh & Frozen Whole Chicken Griller Online
Buy Fresh & Frozen Whole Chicken Griller Online

–   During transportation: minus 18C

–   Feather off

–   Washed & Cleaned

–   White skin (outer yellow skin off)

–   Moisture content less than 3%

–   No bad smells

–   Black spots less than 1%

–   No bruise

–   No excessive blood or blood stains

–   Broken Bone less than 2%

–   Weight 700g~1400g per piece.

Frozen Chicken Drumsticks For Sale


Our Poultry Products are produced using:

• Cage-free, free-roaming Chickens
• Fed a Vegetarian Diet

• With No Hormones or Antibiotics
• Cared for and Handled Humanely
• Slaughtered Individually by Hand by Muslims
• With Proper Qiblah Direction
• Lengthy Bleed Time
• No Artificial Colors or Preservatives

The result is a high-quality, all-natural, wholesome and good-tasting bird.

Therefore you can be confident that all our Products are processed under strict Halal practices and the highest standards in the industry.

We do have Sheep and Goats Pure Milk from our Ranch. Beef Meat, Sheep Meat, Goat Meat, Chicken Parts & Whole Chicken For Sale.

Contact us to make a purchase and get discounts for quantities order.


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