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We merged in a group of Breeders to Supply a Large and Varied Cattle Breed, Sheep & Livestock.

We do have Sheep and Goats Pure Milk from our Ranch. Beef Meat, Sheep Meat, Goat Meat, Chicken Parts & Whole Chicken For Sale.

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At BCSB our sheep and beef rotationally graze on pasture spring, summer and fall. In winter they are fed hay purchase from our neighbors. We do not finish on grain, use of synthetic growth hormones, or antibiotics on healthy stock. To grow our beef quickly on grass and hay. Selected for small-framed Black Angus cows and bulls.

Fresh & Frozen Half Whole Chicken For Sale

We raise North Country Cheviot sheep – a hardy, flighty, stocky breed who give our Border Collie, Pip, a run for the money.

We are present in more than 7 countries with high quality products guaranteed by certifications ISO 9001, BRC – Food Products and APPCC/HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

Adding value to the commercialized products based on the food safety, respecting cultures and quality of life of all people. Our Breeders Company BCSB completed 25 years of foundation and 10 years of experience in foreign markets, today present in 5 continents.

We are one of the major suppliers of suppliers of Grade A Frozen Chicken parts which include Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken feet, Chicken paws , Whole chicken , Boneless Whole Chicken Griller (Shawarma), Chicken wings , Chicken Leg quarter , Chicken breast , Approved SIF plants from SADIA BRF , SEARA JBS to China, UAE , Hong Kong ,Egypt and other Countries….

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